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ianacare has been accepted into CMS’s innovative GUIDE Model. GUIDE (Guiding an Improved Dementia Experience) puts a focus on enhancing the support dementia patients and their caregivers need and deserve, marking an important turning point in the way...
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Catch up on the key takeaways from our webinar exploring the overlooked opportunities in home-based care models, with panelists Dr. Marcy Carty, Dr. Barry Jacobs, and Dhruv Vasishtha.
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At ianacare, our caregivers often attend training sessions on various caregiving topics. Our most popular and highly attended sessions focus on Alzheimer’s and dementia care.
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Jessica, caring for her uncle, decided to move him from facility to home, taking on his care needs herself. Learn how she did this, with support from the ianacare solution, and saw improved outcomes for her uncle's health.
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Caregivers provide an average of 37.4 hours of care per week, with little to no training, performing tasks such as medication management, nutrition and hydration, tube & IV support, and more.
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Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) encompass the essential skills required for maintaining autonomy and quality of life. For most, behind every IADL is the guiding hand of a caregiver, who are often overlooked and forgotten.
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Family caregivers play a crucial role in advance care planning, leveraging their intimate understanding of the patient’s situation to guide the process effectively.
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Without training, caregivers are currently taking on decision-making during critical moments, adherence to care plans, managing medication regimens, and tracking important symptoms and side effects.
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Patient and Caregiver engagement support platform ianacare is offering a solution for providers that will allow them to meet the infrastructure requirements in time for the July 2024 implementation date
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In partnership with Pearl Health, we brought together an expert panel to discuss the intricacies and value of the program.
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CMS is driving an innovative leap in healthcare with its GUIDE program. For providers interested in participating, it will be essential to stay in the know on key dates CMS has outlined.
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Earlier this year, CMS announced the GUIDE model, or “Guiding an Improved Dementia Experience” model. Learn more about this approach to care delivery that prioritizes care coordination and caregiver support.
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