AI 101: How Technology Will Reshape the Family Care Benefit Landscape | Webinar

Hear from ianacare’s Co-founder & COO Steven Lee and Director of Caregiver Navigator Programs, Bahamia Ulysse, who shares how advancements in AI, including programs like ChatGPT, will revolutionize the landscape of family care benefits, and how they’ve begun to implement this technology in their own workflows, bringing efficiency and innovation to caregiver support.

Breaking Through Today’s Narrow Definitions of Care

Every day, millions of people in the United States take on the role of caregiver. Caregiving is a complex and multifaceted experience that can take many forms, and broadening the definition of this care is critical to building support.

Positioning Caregiver Support Alongside Other Key Cost Drivers

Less than a third of employers provide formal caregiving benefits, despite the growing number of caregivers in the workforce. Donna Gibson of Elevance Health shares the specific data points that helped her identify caregiver support was a need for her employees.

Benefits & Leaders That Walk the Walk | Q&A with Lindsey Lanzisero

As a mother of two, an advocate for neurodiversity, and a caregiver to her husband with MS, Lindsey has a unique perspective on what it takes to create an inclusive and supportive workplace culture. Read our Q&A to learn about the actions she takes to make a difference in the lives of H&R Block’s associates.

Innovative Support for Today’s Most Overlooked Employee Group– Family Caregivers video access page

WEBINAR Innovative Support for Today’s Most Overlooked Employee Group– Family Caregivers  Explore Related Resources For far too long, the success of family benefits has been rooted in anecdotes and feel-good stories. With today’s technology, family benefits – including caregiver support programs – should be held to tangible, measurable results that lead to trackable… Watch Join […]