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Stay up to date on the latest insights, news, and research on caregiving-related benefits

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In this case study, we’ll share an ianacare member’s experience leveraging one of our Caregiver Navigators through a dementia journey.
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Download our case study which explores the strength of informal care teams and how, by leveraging technology, we provide tangible and comprehensive support to caregivers, ultimately enhancing outcomes for their care recipients.
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Even when respite is present and funded (such as in CMS’ GUIDE model), it isn’t enough to fully support the mental and physical breaks caregivers frequently need. This is where community-sourced, informal respite support is crucial.
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This case study offers analyses and insights from 2,000 appointments facilitated by the ianacare platform in 2023.
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On average, family caregivers spend about 24 hours per week on caregiving duties. Here's how our Caregiver Navigators help and increase productivity.
Supporting working caregivers can increase productivity, decrease their stress and generate positive feelings towards their employers, as evidenced by ianacare’s formal clinical study published in JMIR.
Elevance Health employee of 10 years, Vonda, lived 2,500 miles away from her mother when she was diagnosed with COPD. Despite the distance, she wanted to actively participate as her mother’s primary caregiver.