Melissa Holthaus

Melissa Holthaus, Director of Benefits at H&R Block, sits down with us to share her thoughts on how leaders can bring benefits from intent to impact.

Listen to catch her most practical tips for other benefits leaders.

Lindsey Lanzisero

Lindsey Lanzisero, VP of Total Rewards, HR Systems, and HR Operations at H&R Block, is passionate about building programs that support every associate through every phase of life– ultimately making them more loyal, engaged, and productive.

What Should Caregiver Support Look Like?

From human-based solutions to tech-exclusive platforms and everything in between, what should caregiving support truly look like in order to engage and impact working caregivers?

Ai-jen Poo

From paid family leave to federal medicare reform and more, Ai-jen is on the frontlines, pushing for change in the public sector that will ripple into every aspect of society– including better options for employers looking to support working caregivers with better care programs & benefits.