Ai-jen Poo

From paid family leave to federal medicare reform and more, Ai-jen is on the frontlines, pushing for change in the public sector that will ripple into every aspect of society– including better options for employers looking to support working caregivers with better care programs & benefits.

JMIR Study Release

Supporting working caregivers can increase productivity, decrease their stress and generate positive feelings towards their employers, as evidenced by ianacare’s formal clinical study published in JMIR.

Indra Nooyi

Indra Nooyi, President & CEO of PepsiCo (2006-2018),
was the first woman of color and first immigrant to lead
a Fortune 50 company. She believes care is the issue of our time.

Elevance Health Case Study

Elevance Health was seeking an inclusive benefit to address the new way their associates were integrating their personal life, expanded definition of family care, and hybrid work.

4 Considerations Returning to Work

Balancing the needs of the business with the needs of employees is a difficult line to walk. To ensure your return to the office is inclusive and thoughtful, consider these 4 overlooked but critical points.

Business Impact of Caregiving

Family caregivers spend an additional +25 hours per week on care-related tasks. Learn how associates who were offered ianacare as a benefit from their large national employer saw an 83% increase in taking zero time off for care-related tasks.

JMIR Mental Health

Caregivers face unique stressors and pressures. Learn how employees who had access to the ianacare platform saw a 30% decrease in feelings of stress and burden.