COMPANY: Elevance Health


INDUSTRY: Healthcare

LAUNCH: March 2020, renewed for 2022

Goal of partnership:

Elevance Health was seeking an inclusive benefit to address the new way their associates were integrating their personal
life, expanded definition of family care, and hybrid work.

  • Elevance Health’s analytics team discovered that caregivers make up a large portion of the company’s workforce

  • Elevance Health wanted to tangibly bolster their effiorts for talent retention & advancement, and find a complementary solution to their Critical Caregiver Leave, Leave of Absence, & Time Away Initiative

  • Wanted a solution that would seamlessly integrate Elevance Health’s existing benefits & EAP services directly into the

Why ianacare:

  • Offering a truly inclusive and comprehensive benefit that is a high-touch, white-glove concierge-like experience combined with tech-enabled layers of support was important to Elevance Health

Impact of ianacare partnership

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