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CMS is driving an innovative leap in healthcare with its GUIDE program. For providers interested in participating, it will be essential to stay in the know on key dates CMS has outlined.
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Earlier this year, CMS announced the GUIDE model, or “Guiding an Improved Dementia Experience” model. Learn more about this approach to care delivery that prioritizes care coordination and caregiver support.
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More than 5 years into this journey, we know one thing is certain: recognition is critical and a first step, but we can’t stop there.
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Hear from ianacare's Co-founder & COO Steven Lee and Director of Caregiver Navigator Programs, Bahamia Ulysse, who shares how advancements in AI, including programs like ChatGPT, will revolutionize the landscape of family care benefits, and how they've...
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Every day, millions of people in the United States take on the role of caregiver. Caregiving is a complex and multifaceted experience that can take many forms, and broadening the definition of this care is critical to building support.
As the world returns to “normal” post-pandemic, employers have struggled to find an effective, inspiring, and inclusive way to broach the “return to office” conversation. An effective and equitable approach to the office is possible, but it requires a...
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Each caregiving journey is unique– no two situations are exactly the same. As an employer, it’s crucial to acknowledge and understand the wide range of care situations your employees are facing, and they types of challenges each might bring.
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Less than a third of employers provide formal caregiving benefits, despite the growing number of caregivers in the workforce. Donna Gibson of Elevance Health shares the specific data points that helped her identify caregiver support was a need for her...
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This resource offers sample questions any organization can add to their employee survey to identify the needs of their working caregivers.
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On average, family caregivers spend about 24 hours per week on caregiving duties. Here's how our Caregiver Navigators help and increase productivity.
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Advancements in technology including AI have brought endless innovation and creativity to every area of our lives. How can this innovation change the way we think about employee support benefits, such as caregiver support?
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As a mother of two, an advocate for neurodiversity, and a caregiver to her husband with MS, Lindsey has a unique perspective on what it takes to create an inclusive and supportive workplace culture. Read our Q&A to learn about the actions she takes to...