As CMS GUIDE Program Deadline Approaches, Patient & Caregiver Engagement Platform ianacare Offers Option for Providers to Comply with Infrastructure Requirements

Innovative 8-Year Program Will Provide Systematized Support for Family Caregivers of Dementia Patients

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has initiated the GUIDE model for Guiding an Improved Dementia Experience, and is currently calling for applications from providers through January 30, 2024. The eight-year program will create person-centered care plans through an interdisciplinary team, and training, education and support for caregivers is central to the program. CMS provides caregivers in the program up to $2,500 per year in caregiver respite services.

Most providers do not have the infrastructure for caregiver support that CMS requires built into their offerings. Patient and Caregiver engagement support platform ianacare is offering a solution for providers that will allow them to meet the infrastructure requirements in time for the July 2024 implementation date:

  • Navigation: A dedicated expert to help facilitate communication, appointments, medication needs within the clinical care team, and referrals to community-based services including meal and transportation assistance.
  • 24/7 Support: Beneficiaries and caregivers must have access to a member of their care team or Care Navigator using a 24/7 helpline.
  • Training: On-demand access to comprehensive educational classes, content, and support groups on a wide array of topics related to dementia caregiving.
  • Medication Management: The clinical team regularly reviews prescribed medication as needed, while care navigators provide tips for patients and caregivers to successfully adhere to medication regimes.

CMS allows providers to contract with external vendors such as ianacare to meet these requirements. Providers who do not plan to apply for the CMS GUIDE program have the opportunity to identify eligible patients within their roster and to refer them to GUIDE entities when the program launches in July, alleviating the burden of uncompensated care that often accompanies dementia patients.

“We are heartened to see CMS putting this program into action,” said Steven Lee, ianacare’s cofounder and CEO. “This program is part of a sea change within our healthcare system where increasing emphasis is being placed on the well-being of caregivers as we recognize the role this unpaid care plays in the system, and that the outcomes for the caregiver impact the outcomes for the patient. This is a unique opportunity for providers to take a person-centered approach in a model that is accessible and achievable to providers and we’re happy to be a vendor with a proven track record delivering core elements mandated by GUIDE.”

For providers, CMS GUIDE provides proper and effective care for dementia patients, who typically navigate the system differently and experience both wasteful and non-existent care. Historically and currently, all efforts to address this population have been fragmented and ineffective.

“My own experience as a caregiver for both my mother and my father at the end of their lives varied drastically based on the level of support I received and advocated for,” said Jessica Kim, ianacare’s co-founder and Executive Chairman. “It’s apparent to me – both personally and from the stories of the tens of thousands of caregivers that ianacare has served – that an infrastructure of support to bridge the gap in home-based care is absolutely essential to providing the best care for the patient. This CMS investment is a pivotal moment for caregivers and ianacare is ready to lead the way.”


About ianacare: ianacare encourages, empowers, and equips patients & family caregivers as they navigate care happening in the home. By identifying and building trust with family care teams, ianacare engages the right people towards the right actions to bridge gaps and improve outcomes in home-based care. Our solution rallies friends and family, curates benefits relevant to individual care situations, and helps navigate critical decisions. To date, we’ve supported over 40,000 families and have proven our platform reduces medical utilization, prevents caregiver burnout, increases connections to local and community resources and enhances care coordination related to social and clinical activities of daily living. ianacare works with risk-bearing entities to capture the enormous human and financial benefits of empowering the family care team in the home. To learn more, please visit

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