Benefits that reflect employees’ needs
drive retention and loyalty

1 in 5 of your employees is caring
for a loved one.

While there have been advancements in the benefits space for childcare-related support, caregiving remains the most overlooked opportunity to support employees.

There are 54 million Americans caring for a loved one, yet most hide this part of their life in professional settings because there aren’t programs and benefits designed to support them.

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Increase your employees’ satisfaction and loyalty

32% of working caregivers will end up leaving their jobs to care full-time. In order to support and retain this growing population of employees, your benefits packages must incorporate dedicated caregiver programs offering unique systems of support that represent their needs.

ianacare organizes care coordination and communication, centralizes expertise and resources, and simplifies the difficult processes. The platform is built to serve a wide range of care situations and to evolve throughout a caregiver’s journey.

Our technology is paired with a human-based Caregiver Navigator program designed to support and guide caregivers every step of the way.

96% of employees with access to ianacare as a dedicated caregiver benefit reported feeling supported by their employer.

“I am so impressed with [ianacare]. The thought, care, and attention to detail with all the features and convenience make A HUGE difference for my family.”

-ianacare caregiver

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