Case Study | How Family Care Team Coordination Facilitates Appointments

While appointments are key to successful care plans and positive outcomes, maintaining a consistent and reliable schedule is a constant challenge for providers and patients alike– particularly for older, disabled, or cognitively impaired patients.

Practical tools can help patients and their family care team manage the scheduling and logistics of these appointments. This case study offers analyses and insights from 2,000 appointments facilitated by the ianacare platform in 2023.

Download the case study to see our key insights and learn how practical support eases the burden on family care teams while improving appointment completion.

Key Takeaways:
  • For both value-based and fee-for-service providers, missed appointments pose a significant challenge, causing inefficiencies that cost the U.S healthcare system more than $150 billion annually.
  • Common barriers to appointment completion, including technology, forgetfulness, and transportation insecurity, can be overcome with the ianacare solution.
  • Family and informal care teams are critical to successful provider/patient relationships.

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