Webinar | Making the Employer-Value Proposition More Inclusive to the Diversity of Working Families

Join Jessica Nam Kim, ianacare CEO & cofounder, for a panel discussion alongside some of today’s most innovative DEI&B and benefits leaders, in partnership with From Day One.

Tune into the discussion to hear how the pandemic and DEI&B movement has cast a light on inequities in total rewards for working family caregivers, and how employers can ensure their benefits strategy is built to reach this overlooked and growing population.


Key Takeaways:
  • In order to be truly inclusive, employers must contextualize programs & benefits for neglected populations, like working family caregivers.
  • Family caregiving is deeply cultural and disproportionately affects women & people of color. It should be a critical consideration in DEI&B initiatives.
  • Inclusivity goes beyond characteristics that fit into simple surveys or checkboxes. We need to go deeper to understand the types of support employees truly need.

A new model of support designed for working family caregivers