Employees who are caring for a loved
one also
struggle with mental health

1 in 5 of your employees is caring
for a loved one.

Working family caregivers spend an additional 25+ hours a week managing doctor’s appointments, surgeries, medication management, and countless other daily care tasks in addition to their full time job.

While coping emotionally with the fact that a loved one is not in good health, the logistical and practical demands caregivers face can be overwhelming and lead to mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, and burnout.

Caregiving in the US 2020”, AARP Research Report

Help your employees decrease stress & burden

Caregivers face unique stressors and pressures. The information and resources they need live in highly fragmented systems, making it difficult to navigate highly complex insurance systems and diagnoses, all while juggling daily care tasks alongside professional and personal responsibilities.

While many other caregiving solutions solve one of these challenges, ianacare was built to address them all in one comprehensive platform.

The solution proactively detects gaps in support & offers curated options using powerful technology such as integrated and curated lists of employee benefits, powerful search functions to find local resources, seamless communication with friends and family, alongside expert guidance from a dedicated human-based Caregiver Navigator.

Employees who had access to the ianacare platform as part of their employee benefits package reported a 30% decrease in feelings of stress and burden after using the solution to assist with their caregiving needs.

“Knowing what my options and benefits are gives me the confidence that I’m making the right decisions for my mother’s care.”

-ianacare caregiver

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