Lindsey Lanzisero

VP of Total Rewards and HR Systems & Operations, H&R Block

Lindsey Lanzisero is the VP of Total Rewards, HR Systems, and HR Operations at H&R Block. Her leadership is truly transforming the way H&R Block supports its associates with an inclusive and industry-leading benefits strategy.

As a leader in some of the most innovative benefits strategies in the market, Lindsey is passionate about building programs that support every associate through every phase of life– ultimately making them more loyal, engaged, and productive. She has lead her team to leverage the power of data and information to form effective programs. From ERG creation and support to positioning company policies in more creative ways, she’s been able to build a set of resources that employees are proud of and grateful for– whether they are seasonal or full-time associates.

Listen to hear how Lindsey approaches her team’s benefits strategy, how her own personal experiences have shaped this approach, and the practical tips she recommends to other benefits leaders, including:

  • How to ensure that new benefits are equitable to an organization’s different cohorts
  • The most important step today’s leaders often overlook in building a “bring your whole self” culture
  • How to use data to implement innovative policies like Caregiver Leave

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Lindsey is VP of Total Rewards, HR Systems, & HR Operations at H&R Block. She is also a mother of 2, an advocate for neurodiversity as she cares for her son with Autism, and is also a caregiver to her husband with MS.

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