Melissa Holthaus

Director of Benefits, H&R Block

Melissa Holthaus, Director of Benefits at H&R Block, has brought the company’s revolutionary benefits strategy to life for all types of associates– from seasonal to regular, and everyone in between. She continuously advocates for innovative support programs and makes a concerted effort to stay in tune with all employees’ needs. The programs and benefits she has made a reality have proven to make H&R Block associates feel supported and successful.

Melissa sits down with us to share her thoughts on how leaders can bring benefits from intent to impact. The intent to support employees with comprehensive benefits must lead to measurable impact. 

Listen to hear how Melissa’s perspective has made her an industry leader, and her most practical tips for other leaders, including:

  • Using new programs as opportunities to push culture forward
  • Existing behaviors can indicate opportunities for new programs
  • Effective ways to quantify and advocate for the value of caregiving benefits

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Melissa Holthaus is Director of Benefits at H&R Block. She has successfully brought H&R Block’s revolutionary benefits strategy to life and continuously advocates for programs and benefits proven to make all associates feel supported and successful at work and at home.