Watch | AI 101: How Technology Will Reshape the Family Care Benefit Landscape

AI has brought endless innovation and creativity to every area of our lives. How can it change the way we approach employee benefits and the most common challenges employees face– from childcare coverage to mental health, and family caregiving?

Hear from ianacare’s Co-founder & COO Steven Lee and Director of Caregiver Navigator Programs, Bahamia Ulysse, who shares how advancements in AI, including programs like ChatGPT, will revolutionize the landscape of family care benefits, and how they’ve begun to implement this technology in their own workflows, bringing efficiency and innovation to caregiver support.

As you consider strategies for the 2024 benefits season, we’ll share what to look for in today’s changing benefits landscape to ensure your family care solutions are scalable, efficient, and accessible, ultimately driving engagement.


Key Takeaways:
  • How leveraging AI can increase the efficiency of human-based care benefits
  • The importance of balancing technology with human interaction
  • How innovation in technology can lead to increased solution utilization and engagement

A new model of support designed for working family caregivers