Webinar | Transforming Post-Acute Care

Catch up to learn more about the essential role of family caregivers, revolutionary technologies shaping quality care at home, and how technology streamlines processes, enhances patient outcomes, and transforms post-acute care.

Webinar: Understanding the CMS GUIDE Model

In partnership with Pearl Health, this webinar features a panel of experts offering insights into the most important features of CMS’s GUIDE program, as well as the benefits to providers and caregivers.

AI 101: How Technology Will Reshape the Family Care Benefit Landscape | Webinar

Hear from ianacare’s Co-founder & COO Steven Lee and Director of Caregiver Navigator Programs, Bahamia Ulysse, who shares how advancements in AI, including programs like ChatGPT, will revolutionize the landscape of family care benefits, and how they’ve begun to implement this technology in their own workflows, bringing efficiency and innovation to caregiver support.

The Next Generation of Support for Working Caregivers | Webinar

It’s become clear that the traditional approach to supporting working caregivers is in need of innovation. While popular point solutions like backup care and 1-1 coaching were successful in bringing caregiving to the forefront, they aren’t comprehensive enough to meet the needs of today’s families or employers.