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Webinar | Today’s Most Overlooked Opportunities as Acute Care Transitions Into the Home

As acute care increasingly transitions into the home, opportunities for enhanced outcomes and cost efficiency are too often overlooked. Tune in to hear experts Dr. Marcy Carty, Dr. Barry Jacobs, and Dhruv Vasishtha as they delve into the dynamic landscape of care happening in the home. 

They delve into the opportunities that providers, payers, and families cannot afford to overlook as the demand for treatment in the home vs clinical settings grows, including the critical role informal caregivers play.

Key Takeaways:
  • The shift of care services into the home is driven by patient preferences for living at home, cost savings for health plans and systems
  • Family caregivers play a crucial role in the success of home-based care models via substantial unpaid labor, ultimately preventing unnecessary institutionalization
  • Now is the time to drive better outcomes and improved care delivery by providing educational resources, time management assistance, and support tailored to caregivers’ diverse needs.

A new model of support designed for working family caregivers