Webinar Recap: Building Caregiver Training
Curriculums for GUIDE

Key Takeaways:

  • Caregivers provide an average of 37.4 hours of care per week, with little to no training, performing tasks such as medication management, nutrition and hydration, tube & IV support, and more.

  • ianacare has been providing training to caregivers since 2019, including content tailored to meet the needs of those caring for individuals with dementia.

  • The ianacare platform is an effective solution to meet requirements of the GUIDE model

CMS’s GUIDE model aims to alleviate some of the burdens on family members who care for patients with dementia. This program marks a shift toward recognizing the influence and impact informal caregivers can have on the health & medical outcomes of patients in their care.

An important pillar of this support is caregiver training and education.


1. Why Training is a Key Component of GUIDE Model

This training component is so important because many patients with dementia are also suffering from other co-existing conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and musculoskeletal disorders. This intensifies the responsibility and burden placed on caregivers.

Why is CMS investing in caregiver training? Caregivers have a direct and important impact on the health outcomes of the patients they care for.

Over 90% of care happens in the home, not in clinical settings. Everything from basic ADLs to medication management, nutrition, and more. 70% of caregivers manage the medications their loved ones are prescribed.

When providers and clinical care teams have actively involved and engaged family caregivers with information, training, and support, hospital readmissions decrease by 25%.

2. A Reality Check: Untrained Care is Happening in the Home

When care transitions into the home, clinical tasks typically performed by a doctor or nurse now fall to the caregiver.

With no formal medical training, they are expected to do everything from wound care to administering IV antibiotics, to managing nutrition through a feeding tube, to tracking symptoms, to supporting mobility issues, and more.

"I can speak to this with firsthand experience as my husband’s caregiver for 13 years. Every time he has been released from the hospital, I’ve been so thrilled that he gets to come home…and then I realize that the care that an entire team of trained professionals had been doing around the clock now falls on me."

3. ianacare Training Program: Proven Caregiver Engagement & Trusted Content

ianacare has been providing training to caregivers since 2019.

Our model offers a comprehensive range of caregiver education and support services, including content tailored to meet the needs of those caring for individuals with dementia.

Understanding the crucial role caregivers play, our programs are designed to be engaging and to empower them with knowledge, skills, and support.

These trainings include various aspects of dementia care (including understanding the disease process, communication strategies, behavior management, and safety in the home).

  • These trainings are live and interactive, so we have caregivers sharing their experiences, challenges, and thoughts throughout sessions in our chat and Q&A section. Our team regularly reviews this engagement and incorporates into future content.
  • Caregivers need to feel they have a welcoming and understanding space. Because our training leader Allison, has lived these experiences as she cares for her husband, she is able to ensure the content and format is engaging vs more typical trainings which can be clinical and dry.
  • Because we foster a welcoming, safe environment, caregivers look to these sessions as a source of community and peer support. They often share deeply personal stories and provide one another words of encouragement throughout the sessions

4. Partnering to Meet CMS Requirements

The training requirements laid out in the GUIDE application are extensive. For providers and entities applying to GUIDE, there are two options– building out a training program and process from scratch, within your organization, or partnering with an external vendor who has an existing training program in place, like ianacare.

In the initial GUIDE application, CMS has laid out specific verbiage on what caregiver training should include, to ensure participants are offering comprehensive training programs.

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