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Webinar | What Employers Need to Know About the New Medicare Program Transforming Dementia Care

How can the new Medicare GUIDE program revolutionize dementia care for your employees?

With dementia being the #1 condition affecting employee caregivers, and the numbers rising, this no-cost program can help alleviate employee burnout, reduce healthcare costs, and offer unparalleled support through our CMS-approved ianacare platform. 

Catch up on this discussion to hear how other innovative employers are thinking about GUIDE as additional support for a significant portion of their organization.

Key Takeaways:
  • Across all of the employee populations we serve, dementia is the #1 condition our caregivers face
  • GUIDE is a new Medicare program offering comprehensive support to caregivers of dementia patients. The program’s benefits are accessible to you at NO extra cost, through an aligned GUIDE partner such as ianacare.
  • ianacare is the only caregiving solution serving employers already aligned with the GUIDE model.

A new model of support designed for working family caregivers