Webinar | Transforming Post-Acute Care: Leveraging Technology to Build a Collaborative Model of Care in the Home

In our latest webinar, we dive into the future of post-acute, home-based care with industry leaders Steven Lee, CEO & co-founder of ianacare, and Gabriela Perez of Tomorrow Health.

Catch up to learn more about the essential role of family caregivers, revolutionary technologies shaping quality care at home, and how technology streamlines processes, enhances patient outcomes, and transforms post-acute care.

Key Takeaways:
  • Successful transitional care requires acknowledgement of clinical needs (like medical equipment, supplies, therapies) and non-clinical needs (like caregiver support, transportation, meals).
  • Technology streamlines processes and enables collaboration across the care team to meet patient needs efficiently.
  • Care navigation services are crucial for comprehensive, patient-centered care plans.

A new model of support designed for working family caregivers