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Why the New Year Brings Increased Demand for Caregiver Support

Key Takeaways:

  • Demand for caregiver support increases 3x in January vs other months of the year
  • Without proper support, caregivers will struggle with their mental health and productivity throughout the year
  • Employers must be ready to support these new caregivers with comprehensive support


Caregiving benefits can’t wait.

The new year is an especially important time to commit to caregiver support for employees.

An Increasing Need

Each year, data from our largest clients show an average of 3x more demand for caregiving support in January vs other months of the year. Why does this time of year cast an extra spotlight on family caregiving?

Throughout the holiday season, we all have the opportunity to spend more time with close and extended family members. Unfortunately, during this time many of us will observe early indicators of aging and decline, or signs of new health challenges. As a result, more employees are confronted with new care needs and responsibilities.

This is a common and human experience most of us will face at one time or another. In fact, over 56% of employees report that they currently have care responsibilities outside of their full-time jobs

And as they return to work in the new year, they’re just beginning to understand and accept how these changes may impact their life in the longer term. Without support at work and at home, they will be left feeling isolated and overwhelmed.


The Business Impact of Caregiving

As we transition out of the new year, the needs of this employee population will continue to grow. As they struggle to find proper care support and ways to juggle time between work and their loved one, it is likely to impact related initiatives like mental health, productivity, and retention throughout the year.

Everyday, more than 40 million caregivers rely on paid care in order to show up at work. But paid care programs are not enough– when these arrangements fall through on a given day, family caregivers are at risk of missing work or leaving their jobs altogether.


An Employer's Role

To alleviate these stressors and address the impact caregiving can have on employees and the organization as a whole, employers must be ready to evaluate and invest in comprehensive caregiving support benefits and solutions.

What makes a caregiving solution comprehensive? For organizations seeking reliable, cost-effective, and clinically-proven support for caregiver employees, innovative platforms that recognize and leverage the power of both technology and human navigation will drive the most impact and engagement.

When it comes to determining the right support platform for your business, be sure to take scalability and user engagement into account. For more context on the landscape of today’s caregiver support solutions, read our article “What Should Caregiver Support Look Like?”

Ready to learn more about getting started with caregiver support?

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