iana = I Am Not Alone.

Our Why

Our mission is to encourage, empower, and equip family caregivers with practical tools and supportive communities, so no caregiver does this alone.

We advocate for systemic changes while creating tangible support and tools today. Our hope is to shape generations to love and care for one another with humanity and dignity, especially during life’s most vulnerable moments. And we won’t stop until the 54 million family caregivers nationwide are embraced with the love and support they deserve.

We are a passionate team of caregivers, supporters, and medical professionals. Our perspective continues to be shaped from all angles of this complex journey. We believe that caregiving in itself is not a problem to be fixed. In fact, we know first-hand that it is one of the most honorable acts of love. We recognize the problem as a lack of support and practical resources for those who are thrust into the role of caregiver. Join us by spreading the word!

We all have a story, this is ours...

We are caregivers ourselves

Our team’s deep dedication comes from our own stories. Jessica & Steve, co-founders of ianacare, both experienced the deep impact of family caregiving

“My dad and I were thrust into being full-time caregivers for my loving mom who battled pancreatic cancer for seven years. It was the hardest time for our family – full of unknowns, loneliness, & exhaustion. Yet, it was the greatest honor to love my mom in this way. It changed our lives forever. Our hope is to surround you with practical support & community, so you’re not alone in living out the most honorable acts of love.”

Jessica Kim


Over 90% of care happens in the home, not in the hospital.

Family caregivers take on incredible responsibilities in supporting the everyday needs of their loved one. Their incredible act of support saves the healthcare system $470 billion every year. Yet, this incredible act is still so hidden and unrecognized in our society.

Our Values


We say what we mean, we are realistic, and we are deeply honest with ourselves, our customers, and our caregivers.


Our deep-seeded empathy is rooted in action. We believe impact is delivered with usable, practical tools, resources, and solutions.


We believe caregiving is an innately human experience that cannot be replaced by technology. We use technology to enable human connection.


Everything we do is in service of caregivers. We advocate for them individually and systemically.


Every caregiver deserves access to support & resources

Our platform is about bringing every resource available into one, easy to use platform to make sure every caregiver has what they need, so they can focus on caring.

In the News

Anthem also announced several COVID-related tools...Through the ianacare free mobile app, consumers can mobilize personal social circles... to coordinate practical help with everyday needs such as meals, rides, respite care, pet care or house work.

Boston resident Jessica Nam Kim...and her cofounder, Steven Lee developed a free app designed to make it easier for caregivers to rally support. Kim has had caregivers tell her that using the app gave them “permission” to ask for help...

By tapping networks of support to provide community and support to non-professional caregivers, ianacare eases the burden of this often "invisible labor force" that ultimately affects all of us.

...Local healthtech startups are stepping up to do their part. Boston-based ianacare, a startup that provides a virtual mobile-first care team for family caregivers, created a free app to support family caregivers.

We partner with employers to build
a culture of care

“There are only four types of people –
those who have been caregivers,
those who are currently caregivers,
those who will be caregivers, and
those who will need caregiving.”

Rosalynn Carter
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